Corporate Sustainablity & Governance

Sustainability is a common goal among many companies today but it could mean many things to many people. Corporate sustainability in a nutshell encompasses the approach that companies take to create long term stakeholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental and social developments. 



Corporate Sustainablity & Governance


How Corporate Sustainability fits in the organization?

ECCI CSG Organization

Our Corporate Sustainability and Governance domain offers clear understanding of various frameworks and ensures that key business objectives of the organizations are aligned with the minimum negative impact on the environment and being transparent, accountable and socially responsible to their stakeholders in the way of doing business. Our focus area under this portfolio includes:


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Energy Management
  • Carbon Footprint / GHG Emissions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


CSG Portfolio

Corporate Sustainability and Governance Portfolio Sustainability Reporting Energy Management Corporate Responsibilty and Governance Carbon Neutrality and Climate Change



ECCI helps clients at multiple levels across these key areas with the main objective of achieving sustainable performance by driving social responsibility, operational efficiency in terms of energy & environmental management, and paving effective communication & reporting mechanism through sustainability reporting.


Why Corporate Sustainability & Governance?


  • Create & clarify your sustainability strategy & communicate your commitment to the same
  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability to all stakeholders
  • Drive stakeholder confidence and engage them constructively
  • Substantially improve public image and increase brand reputation
  • Achieve International recognition and drive performance within the organization


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