Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has garnered increased attention in recent years, a development which displays a changing mindset about the role and responsibilities of the for-profit sector. All the organizations play a significant role in socio-economic development of the communities through their CSR programs and initiatives. In recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of enterprises that have an explicit policy on CSR. At the same time, the practice of CSR has evolved considerably. In an increasing number of companies, CSR and sustainability have become cross-cutting issues that are deeply integrated within both operations and strategy.


In order to set direction for the CSR programs and initiatives, ISO has developed an internationally accepted framework – ISO 26000 (Best practices on Social Responsibility) which provides guidance in implementing CSR programs. ISO 26000 adds value in the existing CSR programs of the organization by:


  • Developing an international consensus on what social responsibility means and the challenges that organizations need to address
  • Providing guidance on translating principles into effective actions
  • Refining best practices that have already evolved and disseminating the information worldwide for the good of the international community. 



Corporate Social Responsibility/ ISO 26000



ECCI takes the lead in strategically aligning the social responsibility guidance framework into the existing CSR programs and initiatives of the organizations. We support in streamlining the complete process of social responsibility practices making it and organization wide initiative rather than department wide.   


Who should implement ISO 26000?


Any organization promoting sustainable development, CSR programs and sustainability reporting should implement ISO 26000 best practices. 


Why ISO 26000?


  • Contribute to the global agenda of sustainable development
  • Determine key aspects of social responsibility from your business perspective
  • Involve all the departments in the social development rather than a stand-alone perspective
  • Build trust among the stakeholders by being a responsible organization
  • Set up measurement practices in the organization measuring your social development performances.

Key Services we offer

Implementation of ISO 26000 


  • Provides end to end support in streamlining the CSR practices and implementing best practices of ISO 26000 focusing on:


- Stakeholder Management
- Identification & prioritizing core issues
- Alignment of existing practices to ISO 26000 guidelines
- Development of Social Development Manual
- Verification of alignment to the standard


  • Conduct CSR Impact assessment / Sustainable Return of Investment (SROI) to measure the potential benefit attained by the community


Note: ISO 26000 is a non certifiable standard.


Carbon Footprint/ GHG Emissions Assurance