Sustainability Reporting and Assurance

Sustainability Reporting is the practice of disclosing the overall performance of an organization to their stakeholders. The report is based on the triple bottom-line concept covering economic, environmental and social performance. Practice of sustainability reporting is becoming highly recognized and acceptable around the world as its shows an organization’s accountability and transparency towards their stakeholders and gain credibility. GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines serves as a platform and benchmark for developing sustainability reports. ECCI is taking the lead in assisting the organizations in the Philippines to develop their sustainability initiatives and disclose them through sustainability reporting to attain competitive advantage in the market.



CSG Sustainability Report



The sustainability reporting process is expected to improve organizational credibility and reputation with investors, customers and community members.


ECCI supports the clients in developing their sustainability reports as well as looking for opportunities to implement programs in the respective area as a part of continuous improvement plan. We ensure that the sustainability reports we develop for our customers serves its purpose of transparent disclosure and customers are able to build up the trust level among their stakeholders. 


Who should prepare Sustainability Report?


All organizations seeking to transparently disclose its non-financial performance to all their stakeholders. 


Why Sustainability Reporting?


  • Material BenefitsConsistent format that helps investors to integrate ESG issues into investment processes.

- Transparency
- Interaction with stakeholders
- Determine areas of potential improvement on sustainability


  • Compliance with laws and standards
  • Minimize use of energy and resources and waste-creation in operations
  • Determine areas of potential cost savings
  • Incorporate sustainability practices into business strategy
  • Develop comprehensive risk management incorporating sustainability risks
  • Build reputation and brand through transparency in disclosure 



Key Services we offer:

Sustainability Report Development


  • Provides end to end support for developing sustainability report of an organization. Key areas we focus for developing sustainability reports are:


- Awareness of sustainability & reporting
- Stakeholder Management Model
- Materiality Analysis
- Supply Chain Management
- Data collection, consolidation & analysis
- Report drafting and layout design
- Conduct GRI Application check


  • Determine potential projects / programs in the area of sustainability to be implemented in the organizations as a part of continuous improvement  



Sustainability Reports


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Nestle Sustainabilitiy Report Nickle Asia Corporpation Sustainabilitiy Report Nickle Asia Corporpation Sustainabilitiy Report
Philex Mining Corporpation Sustainabilitiy Report


Corporate Sustainability & Governance Energy Management