IT Disaster Recovery

Organizations have become more dependent on IT to run its operations and store business information such as core banking, payroll, and customer information. Today, IT has evolved from being a support to becoming the cornerstone of any organization.


Operational disruption, technology crashes, data loss are the risks we are confronted with in the face of a disaster. Business could incure significant costs and data loss in the restoring of normal operations. This is why IT Disaster Recovery planning has become a critical element in IT systems.


ECCI can help you protect your data and information from risks by equipping your organization with IT Disaster Recovery Planning that actually works. We are recognized as experts in the field of IT Process Excellence and other Industry best practices. We provide customized services through consulting, assessment, and training services tailored to suit your organization's needs.


How can a Good Disaster Recovery Plan help?


  • Identify a reassess the best Disaster Recovery Strategy fit for your organization
  • Alignment of Disaster Recovery Strategies with business objectives and customer expectations
  • Proactively manage and reduce costs and impact by reducing downtimes and data loss
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering reliable service even during a crisis


Who needs Disaster Recovery?


Any organization using Information Technology and Systems as the heart of its operations. This includes but not limited to the following:


  • BPO and Call Center Services
  • IT and IT enabled services
  • Logistics & Maufacturing
  • Banking & Financila services
  • Utilities (Telco, Power, Water)
  • Healthcare services
  • Hotel and Tourism services
  • Public Sector

Our Services 

Disaster Recovery Plan Review


  • Current State and Infrastructure Assessment 

- Understand the business' needs and priorities, assess current IT Infrastructure, and review existing Disaster Recovery solution to provide valuable insights 


IT Disaster Recovery Consulting 


  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment (BIA/RA) 

- Facilitate workshop-type trainings on these non-technical yet critical activity in Disaster Recovery to ensure that people understand the fundamentals and can confidently perform them in the context of the business.


  • Disaster Recovery Strategy Formulation 

-Align recovery objectives with business and customer requirements and assist in the documentation through advisory sessions. 


  • Disaster Recovery Plan Testing 

-Guarantee that the plans will work prior to the actual crisis through structured testing methods and scenarios and expert's feedback for improvement.


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