PCI DSS Consulting Services

PCI DSS is known for being one of the most granular and specific security standards in the market today. Addressing every domain of information security except BCP, PCI DSS aims to secure credit and debit card related information. It achieves this by a set 6 goals, broken into 12 requirements and more than 300 sub-requirements to be implemented within the cardholder data environment.



PCI DSS Standards and Framework



With a large number of organizations and people taking their money online, PCI DSS compliance reinforces the trust that your customers have in your network and technology infrastructure.


PCI-DSS Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment, when done right, helps an organization realize several benefits. In the context of a PCI DSS compliance program, these include


  • Scope reduction
  • Comprehensive identification and prioritization of your assets in terms of their interaction with cardholder data
  • Cognizance of various threat vectors and risk scenarios facing your environment and
  • The ability to make informed decisions on managing these risks.


We work with organizations of all types and scale to help them realize the benefits of a strong risk assessment.


Aided SAQ Program


The Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a means to determine an organization’s current performance against the PCI-DSS requirements. SAQs must be completed by Merchants (Levels 2 through 4) and service providers. Through our SAQ program we help organizations pass the assessment in a seamless manner. We help optimize scope, implement controls to pass the required controls and document the necessary evidence in appropriate form.


Onsite Audits


Our expertise across a variety of sectors such as banking, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, IT and ITES, etc. goes a long way in providing cutting edge audit services to our customers. Be it a Level 1 or Level 4 customer, through our expert network we offer PCI DSS compliance audits.


ISMS (ISO 27001) Technology Risk