QMS for Automotive Industry

ISO/TS 16949 is a Technical Specification from ISO and one of the most popular industry specific standards. It specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, and where relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. The standard aims to align the existing automotive quality system requirements within the global automotive industry.


It has been authored by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) – with participating members from the private sector and regulatory agencies. The standard defines international automotive quality system requirements and is written in consistence with the ISO 9001 standard.


Along with customer specific requirements, ISO/TS 16949 has been accepted as equivalent to the following automotive quality standards VDA (Germany), AVSQ (Italy) and EAQF (France)


Eligibility and Relevance


  • Relevant to automotive production and service part organisations only
  • Applicable only to sites where production or service parts are manufactured
  • Any tier within the supply chain is eligible
  • A potential supplier can only be accepted for registration to the scheme if they have a documented request for quotation or is in the bid list of a subscribing customer.


  • Process Approach ISO/TS 16949 Process Approach ISO/TS 16949


Benefits of ISO/TS 16949


  • Fulfill key requirements from the major automotive makers
  • Drive greater transparency and consistency in the output
  • Set up a systematic approach to manage processes and improve product quality levels
  • Reduce / Eliminate customer complaints and retention of customers
  • Gain customer recognition and approval and compete at a global stage


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