Certified Data Center Professional

July 19, 2017

Today, enterprises rely heavily on information technology (IT) for the delivery of business-critical services – often directly to the end-consumers. Thus, it is imperative that the mission critical data centers are designed, maintained and operated with high availability and efficiency in mind. Unfortunately, most data centers do not meet the full availability, safety capacity or efficiency requirements. In addition, there exist a vast number of companies where the data centers are a shared responsibility between the IT and facilities divisions, each having their own set of values and standards in terms of design, maintenance and operation.

Schedule: July 19 - 20, 2017

Key Topics:

DAY 1:
• The Data Center, its importance and Causes for Downtime
• Data Center Standards and Best Practices
• Building Construction
• Raised Floor/Suspended Ceiling
• Power Infrastructure
• Electro Magnetic fiels

DAY 2:
• Cooling Infrastructure
• Light
• Designing a Scalable Network Infrastructure
• Fire Suppression
• Data Center Monitoring
• Operational Security and Safety Practices
• Labeling
• Documentation
• Cleaning
• Maintenance Contracts / SLA / OLA
• IT Service Management based on ITIL / BS15000/ISO 20000
• EXAM: Certified Data Center Professional

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