Accelerated Six Sigma Green Belt

July 06, 2017


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There is intense competition in the business space due to the increasing crisis visible in every industry, coupled with the need to offer the best quality at the least costs. Moving towards zero defects is no longer a choice but the only way forward— this can be done by using Six Sigma principles and achieving high levels of performance. With the current time constraints and resource crunch, doing away with a full length program is difficult for organizations; so accelerated learning is the best path to follow.

This 3-day program is a hands-on workshop that will help you understand the concepts behind the Six Sigma Methodology and its relevance to both transactional and production settings covering major metrics including Customer Satisfaction, Productivity and Product Quality, Service Levels etc. Key insights on process improvement tools and techniques relevant to the different phases of six sigma implementation shall be covered through individual / group project cases. A structured roadmap for project implementation shall be discussed during the program with due assistance on a one-on-one basis. Additional reading materials & exercises will be provided at the end of the day for homework.


At the end of the training, participants are expected to:
    • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Six Sigma methodology through a practical results-oriented approach and the key tools and techniques applicable to BPO operations;
    • Gain insights and come up with projects addressing specific problem areas and implement the concept on the chosen areas to identify and achieve improvement;
    • Appreciate and implement an organizational quality culture for organizational performance excellence;
    • Create personal motivation through official recognition and rewarding of personnel with Green Belt Certifications based on projects;
    • Work with Black Belts and guide Yellow Belts on project implementation and improvement.
  • Requires less time for turnaround, maintaining the operations of your workforce;
  • Reduces cost for talent, skills and leadership development;
  • Offsets the need and costs to recruit certified professionals that are in demand;
  • Enhances the current level of experience and competency in your organization;
  • Provides participants with certification in a framework regarded as a global best practice giving them significant opportunities for career advancement.
  • November 10, 11 & 14, 2016
  • Makati City
  • Training - 3 days
  Target Audience:
  • QA Professionals & Team
  • Process Improvement
    team members
  • Operational managers &
  • Six Sigma team members
  • Department heads

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