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Key Services

What we offer

Design Conceptualization

Content without concept has no impact. We create compelling design concepts that setthe basis for developing engaging content with quality information at the right quantity.

Instructional Design

Context, structure and message are critical for content of any form to achieve its purpose. Applying design-thinking principles to get the message across, we follow instructional design

Storyboard Development

Weaving a story that learners can relate to is critical to ensure resounding reach of the training materials – be it instructor-led or e-learning content. Our team of instructional designers works closely with creative writers and develops storyboards that drive learning, performance and engaging experience.

Content Development

Built around its unique S.E.C (Strategy-Execution-Collaboration) framework to offer end-to-end learning solutions ranging from creating the organization's vision and executing the same, to managing and supporting the vision throughout by serving as a true and trusted partner. The model leverages on the group's strategic consulting capability, wide domain expertise, established operational excellence, a decade of experience and above all the commitment to deliver continued excellence.

Multimedia Design                

Learner interaction and engagement is key to the success of e-learning. Creating multimedia elements / animations is a vital piece to the puzzle of learner engagement. Depending on the target audience intended to address, we create games, cartoons, real-life characters and abstract models / graphics to achieve this impact.

Research & Technical Writing

Good technical writing is essential to present complex content in a way that is easy to understand, not to make it more twisted than what it already is. With a team of writers that blend context, subject matter and structure we design and create technical documents such as user manuals, administration guide, installation manual, quick reference guides, and technical training manuals.

Content Translation and Localization

Organizations around the globe have training requirements for employees in different regions. We create multilingual versions of content to meet the localization requirements of our clients. Our team of excellent native language experts and voice over artists enable us to deliver high quality outputs.

Web & Mobile Development

With the advent of web technology and ubiquitous presence of smart phones, creating and delivering information through bite sized apps