Technology Solutions

ECCI partners with some of the leading technology solution providers around the world and bring it in the Philippine market to be easily accessible to the organizations in the country. The partner solution provider shall be in line with the key service offerings of ECCI and should help the organizations towards process improvement.

Our key Partner Technology Solution Provider are:

Metricstream is a GRC application solution provider for enterprises enabling them to strengthen risk management, regulatory compliance, vendor governance, and quality management while driving business performance. It integrates GRC technologies and programs across business, IT, and security functions as we enable organizations to realize the vision of Pervasive GRC. For more details, visit

Teamchat is a messaging platform which enables clutter-free messaging for teams of unlimited size. It has smart-messages called 'Chatlets' that summarize responses, enabling important message content to stand out. Teamchat adapts to any business workflow quickly and easily using Teamchat APIs. Organizations can make use of the ready set of integrations available on Teamchat or plug in their own custom integrations and get started. For more details, visit

Poimapper is a solution that can be customized to the specific needs of every organization that are looking for a way to collect, share, monitor and analyze field data. Although Poimapper can be used for many different purposes it is most commonly used to collect data with a specific geographical location using a mobile device. In the Poimapper portal, one of the first features was the ability to monitor and analyze Point of Interests in a map view. Collected data can be shared immediately, you can attach images, location and history trace. And there is no need to transform the data on a paper to a digital form. For more details, visit

DataOne Asia is the leading independent provider of Managed Technology Services to Enterprises in the Philippines with its goal to deliver Information Technology as a service, with a guaranteed performance and cost. It provides services in Data Center Management, Computing, and Voice and IT Financing. DataOne is the perfect long-term technology partner for large and medium sized enterprises. Since its inception in 2002, DataOne has offered data center outsourcing, managed infrastructure, operations management, and computing services that include hosting, managing customers. For more details, visit

Adrenalin is a web-based Global Human Capital Management software that automates the entire HR processes to boost productivity. Adrenalin, is a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the HR process spectrum: Workforce Administration, Recruitment, Performance Management, Talent Development, Succession Planning ,Payroll(24+ countries), HR Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration and Mobile. Adrenalin is available both on premise & Cloud. For more details, visit


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