Remote working is becoming the new normal style of business operations, a lot of our workforce is seeking to upskill during this downtime through distance learning or e-learning. We understand that there is not a lot of available resources for e-learning in our country, and this is why we have partnered with Udemy, the leading online course marketplace to bring world class distance learning solution for your organization.

Why Udemy For Business?

With Udemy for Business, not only do you get access to the industry's most in-demand courses but also a cutting edge LMS (Udemy's proprietary format) to ensure your employee's learning paths are oriented towards the organizational goal

Lead your workforce through change

Ensure that your employees feel supported during these times by enabling them through personal and professional development.

Staying ahead of the Digital Transformation

Technology stops for no man. Development in the Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Data Science and Cloud Computing marches on every day. Secure your organization and warrant that you do not get left behind.

Diverse portfolio of courses

Udemy is known as a platform for providing a sundry of e-learning resources spanning a holistic spectrum of various fields from technical to life skills.

Expert instructors

The courses are taught by the world’s leading experts who are also gifted at teaching and has received nothing but stellar learner reviews on the sessions that they have hosted

Empower learning across your entire organization

With our wide selection of available courses in the Udemy for Business portal, we make sure that there is something to learn for everyone

Key Features

4,000+ Courses

Udemy for Business offers a myriad of courses spanning from IT Technical, Development, Hardware, to Management, Leadership. Communication, and even Arts and Creative!

Learning in High Definition

Courses are recorded in high definition standard (720p or 1080p) to simulate face to face training scenario.


Ensure a uniform learning based on global standard for all employees even ones from remote or abroad

Learning Path Builder

Not sure where to go next? Our powerful course recommendation tool will help you discover your next learning adventure based on your interests and previous sessions

Offline Learning

Intermittent connection? Download courses to your chosen device and learn even when you’re not connected to the web


Continuous Improvement

Working with Udemy, we will continue to add and update our course portfolio based on the current and future needs of the market.

Reinforced Learning

Take quizzes, practice tests, or even assignments to ensure optimum retention.

Professionally crafted video courses

Not only are our courses recorded in HD but we make sure that these measure up to the global viewing standard and not just a recorded teaching session

Provision for international languages

Some of our courses have been designed and packaged with international languages in mind and these are available in Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and French

Create your custom workforce learning paths

With Udemy’s Learning Path Builder, you can construct your own learning paths for employees of every stage! Be it on-boarding, annual upskilling, or to build an individual career path!

Learning on the go!

Our Udemy for Business portal supports a wide-range of mobile devices and ensure that learning happens anywhere you are.

Learning on Demand

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